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Psychology Information Online is constantly expanding to provide you with useful information about psychology, psychological problems and psychological treatment services.  But, we cannot hope to provide you with all of the information available on any of these topics.  After reviewing the information available online, many people have written to us, requesting additional information on a specific topic. There are many well-written and informative books available, both for professionals and the general public, covering every psychological topic presented on Psychology Information Online.  But, there are also many "not so wonderful" psychology and self-help books cluttering the shelves of your local bookstore. We realize that it can be difficult to separate the good books from those more suitable to be used as kindling, because the book covers always sound so enthusiastic and promising.

The Psychology Information Online Bookstore has been created to resolve this selection problem. We do not offer the largest selection of psychology and self-help books on the Internet.  Instead, we offer a well-chosen selection of books, on a variety of psychological topics, that we feel will provide you with useful information. We also offer classic psychology books, written by the experts who have made significant contributions to the development of the field of psychology.  All of the books listed have been reviewed either by our staff, or other mental health professionals, and found to be useful. However, no one book is praised by all professionals, and some books may be omitted because we have not yet been able to review them. We hope that providing a limited selection of worthwhile psychology and self-help books will make it easier for you to select books that will be useful to you. If you are currently in counseling, you can print out the book list, and ask your psychologist or therapist whether any of the books listed might be helpful to you. We hope you will appreciate our efforts. 

After investigating distribution options, we have decided that we can offer you the widest variety of books, at the best possible prices, by developing an associate relationship with 

We are still developing the Bookstore, and will add additional books as we discover them through our own experience and contact with other professionals. We update our list in each category, and add categories, when we find new books worth listing, so if you don't find what you want now, please check back again soon. 

Books are currently available for the following topics:

All books are also listed alphabetically by Book Title. We will also eventually list multiple books by author, for those professionals who have made significant contributions to the field of psychology.

Psychologists, and other licensed mental health professionals,
who wish to submit a book review (no reviews of books you have written) should place the book title in the subject line,
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