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Psychology Information Online is an ideal place to start, if you are looking for information about treatment services, if you want to learn more about specific psychological problems, or if you want information about locating and selecting a psychologist to begin treatment. We provide information about how psychologists are trained, the licensing procedure all psychologists must complete, some of the differences between psychologists and psychiatrists, and what you can do if you are not satisfied with the psychological services you have received. We provide information about the cost of psychotherapy, payment issues, general information about different types of medical insurance for mental health problems, and some advantages and disadvantages to using managed care to pay for psychological treatment. We also provide information about forensic psychology evaluations, which are psychological evaluations comleted for legal matters.

Psychology Information Online provides information about many psychological problems, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, personality disorders, ADHD (ADD) and other child behavior problems and impulse control disorders.

Psychological treatment services such as counseling and psychotherapy, group therapy, stress management training, marital counseling, systematic desensitization, and psychological testing are described.

You can learn about how psychologists are trained; review a comparison of the training of psychologists and psychiatrists; read the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about psychologists, the practice of psychology, and managed care insurance; and review information about the specialty of Forensic Psychology. For tips on Selecting a Psychologist, choose the Starting Therapy button.

Psychology Information Online provides Book Reviews for general consumer self-help books on a variety of psychological topics. If you want to purchase any of these books, you can link directly to from the book reviews.

Psychology Information Online also publishes original articles, written by psychologists, on a variety of psychological topics. Typically, these articles are not available elsewhere on the Internet, or in print.

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