What are some complaints about managed care?
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What are some of the common complaints about managed care for psychological  treatment? 

(Everyone does not experience these problems with managed care. Some managed care companies provide access to quality providers and do not limit access to quality treatment. These complaints/problems only occur with some of the managed care companies.)

  • You call the managed care company for a referral, and they do not immediately call back.
  • When you request a referral to a psychologist, you are given the names of counselors with less professional training.
  • You receive approval for treatment, but only for one or two sessions.
  • You are given the names of only one or two providers to contact for treatment, and they don't return your telephone calls for several days.
  • After talking to the providers selected by managed care, you are not comfortable with any of the choices, and you must call managed care company again to receive additional referrals.
  • When you call the managed care company again to get additional provider names, they don't immediately return you calls.
  • When you ask for additional provider names, they resist giving you additional names, and you have to explain why the original referrals were unacceptable.
  • When giving you provider names, they ask you your zip code, because they are located 1000 miles away, and are unfamiliar with the towns close to you.
  • After receiving approval for treatment, the paperwork is lost, and the managed care company claims they have no record of a treatment request, denying coverage for sessions.

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