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Psychology Information Online is pleased to provide listings for Conferences, Continuing Education Programs, and other Training Programs in Mental Health.  These Training Programs are usually open to all mental health professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, counselors, psychiatric nurses and other mental health professionals.  All mental health professional associations can list their conferences at a discount. Individual Training Programs will usually specifiy whether they offer CE credits for each of the mental health professions.

Our Continuing Education and Training listings are organized by geographic location. All programs within the United States are sorted by state. All programs outside the United States, including all programs in Canada, are listed as International Programs. We also have a separate list for all Online Training Programs.

In a separate section of this website, we also list Professional Travel Programs. These are training programs that include travel and training in one package.

Please be patient while we contact the sponsors of these training programs, and gather information for our listings. 

Program Sponsors

For Information on listing your program, please consult the Sponsor page, or contact:

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