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Listing Your Practice in the National Directory of Psychologists

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We previously used a Form for collecting psychology practice information, but discovered that some browsers created errors, and data was lost. As a result, we have returned to using a basic email submission process. Your email address will be used to confirm receipt of your listing, to send you our Newsletter, and to verify the accuracy of your listing in the future. We will not give your email address to anyone, and we will not publish it in the Directory, but we also will not process your request without a valid email address.

We will not immediately confirm that we have recieved your listing. If you do not see your listing online within two months, please contact us. Otherwise, you will know your listing has been received when it is online. We suggest that you bookmark the directory.

Please remember that this is a free service. It may be several months before your listing appears, depending on your state and our revision schedule. We do not update all fifty states every month! We usually update a directory when we have several new listings to add. If you cannot wait to have your practice listed, you may pay a $50 fee to have your listing added within two weeks. Please indicate that in your email and we will contact you regarding payment. Otherwise, this service is free.

If we attempt to contact you to verify the accuracy of your listing, and receive no reply, we will assume your listing is out of date and remove it from the directory. You will have thirty days to reply before your listing is removed. This is a free directory, and maintaining the accuracy of listings requires your cooperation. If we remove a listing because of lack of verification, we reserve the right to exclude the listing for one year. Please help us maintain the accuracy of the directory, as everyone benefits. You may contact us at any time to revise your practice information, if any of the information listed becomes obsolete.

Only licensed psychologists can be listed in the National Directory of Psychologists.
Each individual will be identified as a licensed psychologist in the directory listing.
If you are not a licensed psychologist, and you request a listing in this directory,
you may be in violation of the Psychology Licensing Law in your state.

Please copy the following information into an email addressed to:

Name and degree: (as it is to be listed)
Are you a licensed psychologist?
License Number (required in ads in some states)
Practice Address:
County (used for sorting in larger states)
Office Phone:
Office Fax: (optional)
email address:
Website address: (if available)
Do you wish to be contacted about developing a website?
List up to five specialties: (max 15 characters/spaces each)
Practice Description: (This will be what people see online - About a paragraph max.)

We reserve the right to refuse any listing, for any reason. We are not charging any fee for your listing, and nothing is implied or intended by our acceptance or refusal to list your practice. The contents of the directory are the sole property of Donald J. Franklin, Ph.D. and Psychology Information Online, and cannot be downloaded, printed, copied, distributed or used for commercial purposes, without the express written permission of the list owner. The list is not available for sale or rental.

Please send this information to:


Psychology Information Online is a privately owned website which provides information about the
practice of psychology for the benefit of consumers and psychologists.
It is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, any state or national psychological association
or any state licensing board.

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