Social Network of Mental Health Researchers and Practitioners

A Social Network of Mental Health Research and Practice Professionals

Psychology Info began as an information website designed to present useful information about mental health problems and treatment to the general public. We included a free directory of psychologists, but realized that the information provided did not differ substantially from other online mental health directories.

A Mental Health Directory allows both Researchers and Clinicians to improve their online visibility, communicate information about their education, experience and expertise, and identify your areas of competence. There are other directories on the Internet, but most only list practice professionals, and most of the professional listings look alike, with little differentiation between the listed professionals. Other directories generally do not allow Members to post Feature Articles, or contribute to Blogs. Psychology Info encourages networking by combining the Professional Mental Health Directory with Mental Health Blogs. This allows you to present your education and experience, identify the focus of your work, and present examples of your work. Your presence on Psychology Info becomes a unique description of your professional life, and allows you to invite communication and collaboration from other professionals, while also identifying services you provide to the public.

Social Networking is an excellent way to talk about your professional life publicly. Psychology Info allows you to decide how much, or how publicly, you want to communicate with other professionals. You can add to, or expand upon the theme of a blog posted by another member, or privately contact that member to develop a dialogue on the topic. Clinical Mental health professionals need to be cautious about how they present themselves on social media because of ethical concerns. The question is how to use social media ethically, so potential clients will be able to learn more about your background and expertise based on what is important to them. You want to communicate your knowledge, your competence, your professional ethics, your respect for the individuality of your clients, and your personal style.

Psychology Info is an interactive website that allows mental health researchers, teachers and clinical professionals to describe their work, and the theoretical basis for their work. Members can post to blogs as often as they like, describing their research and/or clinical practice. Members can also announce the publication of a book, identify a conference where they are presenting, or present new ideas they are exploring related to a mental health topic.  Publishing a Feature Article allows for a more in-depth presentation of a topic.

Most importantly, only professionals with expertise/experience in Mental Health or a related field can contribute to the Blogs and Feature Articles. This maintains high quality standards, and encourages confidence regarding the quality of information provided.  By bringing together a wide range of professionals in the mental health field, including a Professional Directory describing the professional background of every Member, many Blogs focusing on a broad range of Mental Health Topics, and Feature Articles providing detailed information on Mental Health Topics, Psychology Info is useful and informative to the public and other professionals alike, and being a Member can enhance your professional reputation and advance your career.

How is this a Social Network?

Psychology Info allows you to share your knowledge and expertise with the general public, but it also allows you to collaborate with other professionals to expand your career and to further your own professional development. Blogs encourage more Members to share their thoughts and ideas about Mental Health issues and treatment because blog posts are shorter, more informal and less stylistically rigorous that publishing a journal article. The Blogs add a personal note to discussion of Mental Health topics. This encourages other professionals to reach out to you to share their thoughts and ideas. Both discussion and professional debate about mental health issues helps to focus your own perspective, open your mind to other ideas, and adds clarity to your work. The interactions between and among Members is the professional Social Network. Some of these communications will occur behind the scenes, and some will occur in the public forum of the Blogs. 

How do I get started?

We will provide assistance to help you learn how to create and change your Professional Directory Listing, how to post to a Blog, and how to publish a Feature Article. We will also answer any questions you have about Psychology Info.

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