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This section of our Classified Ads includes the following topics:

  • Professional Journals - Clinical Practice Psychology and Mental Health Topics
  • Professional Journals - Neuropsychology
  • Professional Journals - Family and Child Topics
  • Professional Journals - Forensic and Legal Topics
  • Professional Journals - Practice Management, Development & Marketing
  • Journal Distributors and Publishers

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To place an ad listing under Professional Journals, please include the content of the ad in an e-mail addressed to: 

Provide a contact name in your e-mail which can be referenced to the payment voucher. The Payment Voucher is available online as an Adobe Acrobat file.

Fax or mail the completed payment voucher to:

Donald J. Franklin, Ph.D.
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You will receive a return e-mail confirming receipt of your ad listing. Please see the rules for ad placement listed below:

  1. The advertising rate for this section is $75.00 per year for the first journal listing, and $50.00 per year for each additional journal listing, when the listings are placed online at the same time. Additional discounts are available for publishers posting 10 or more individual journal listings online simultaneously. This rate is for listing individual journals. One subject category listing per journal.
  2. Each journal listing can include a 75 word description of the journal, plus a link to your website. You may include a longer description for an additional fee.
  3. Journals can be listed in additional subject categories for $15.00 for each subject.
  4. Journal Distributer and Publisher Listings - The advertising rate for this section is $1.00 per word, with a $50.00 minimum, for one month. Your listing can run for additional months at a discount, with the total cost based on the One-Month Rate. Discount rates are based upon payment in full at the time the ad is placed online. Additional fees apply if you extend the ad after it is placed online.
    Two Months = 150% of the One-Month Rate.
    Three Months = 175% of the One-Month Rate.
    Six Months = 250% of the One-Month Rate.
    One Year = 300% of the One-Month Rate.
  5. Journal Distributer and Publisher Listings - Listings are not categorized according to subject, beyond the content of your listing.  Discounts are available if you also list individual journal titles separately. If you place a listing as a distributor or publisher, you can also place a general listing under specific subject areas in the individual journal section. Contact us for details.
  6. You may cancel a listing at any time. However, once the listing is placed online, you will not receive a refund for any unused time.
  7. You can include your logo or photo (e.g. journal cover) in any listing for the one-time cost of $25.00 per image per listing. Psychology Information Online will resize the image, at our discretion, to fit appropriately within your listing.
  8. Each listing can contain one web page link and one e-mail link. Additional links can be included for an additional cost.
  9. Listings will be posted or revised on the first of each month by 12 noon Eastern Time. Ads may be posted by 9:00 PM Eastern Time on the preceding day, at the discretion of Psychology Information Online, at no additional charge to you.
  10. Expired listings will be removed after 9:00 PM Eastern Time, on the last day of the month paid. They may remain online longer, at the discretion of Psychology Information Online, at no additional charge to you, until the listings are updated.
  11. Payment must be received prior to placement of your listing. Payment can be made by check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Payment must be in US currency.
  12. The listing sponsor assumes responsibility for the accuracy of all information within the listing, and acknowledges copyright ownership of, or license to publish, any copyright protected material included in the listing. The listing sponsor further affirms that the material or services offered or solicited in the listing does not violate the laws of the United States of America or any state within the USA, except where restricted within the content of the listing. (e.g. This offer is not valid in x state.)

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