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There is a Navigation Bar on the left side of every web page. If you are having trouble finding information, you can always return to the Home Page from anywhere on the website, either by using the Navigation bar, or the link at the bottom of every web page. In deeper sections of the website, the home page is called PsychologyInfo

Here is a brief overview of the topics on this Navigation bar:

  • Consumer Info - This takes you to the main consumer information page, which links to all information about psychological problems and treatment, as well as information on selecting a psychologist. 
  • Psychologist Info - Information for Psychologists. This includes: Procedures for listing your practice in the National Directory of Psychologists; How to Publish articles on Psychology Information Online; How to Develop a practice website and complete Internet consulting services for your practice through Internet Practice Solutions; and links to online resources for your practice, such as CE Programs, test materials, professional books, software, journals, billing and practice management services, insurance information, job openings, and more.
  • Student Information - Descriptions of the different areas of specialization in psychology; the relationship of psychology to other mental health professions; Graduate training in psychology and related fields; other resources for psychology careers; professional and textbooks in psychology; Internships and Fellowships in psychology; psychology jobs; and more.
  • Articles - Topic-specific articles written by psychologists and published exclusively on Psychology Information Online.  The topics available will continue to expand as new articles are published.
  • Bookstore - Book reviews and ratings of psychology self-help books and professional psychology books, with a link to and other publishing outlets if you want to purchase any of the books listed.
  • Directory Listings - The National Directory of Psychologists, which lists psychologists across the United States, sorted by state, town, and specialty.  We provide links to the websites of psychologists from the Directory, when they are available.  This also includes contact information for all State Psychology Licensing Boards and State Psychological Associations. Psychologists can complete an online registration form to be listed in the National Directory, there is no charge.
  • Psychology FAQs - Frequently asked questions about psychology and psychological practice. As this section is revised, we will also include links to other sections of the website with more extensive information related to the questions. 
  • Subject Index - Lists alphabetically all of the topics and categories covered by Psychology Information Online, with direct links to the topic pages.
  • Information Categories - Provides a brief description of the psychology practice subjects covered in Psychology Information Online.
  • Career Information - Information about careers in psychology.
  • Links - A broader list of links, with details about the different sections of the Psychology Information Online website.