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Psychology Information Online provides many resources for professional psychologists. We manage a National Directory of Psychologists which provides free listings for licensed psychologists throughout the United States.  We offer online publishing opportunities for psychologists who wish to present their expertise to the online world. These articles help highlight your professional services, while providing valuable consumer information about the field of psychology. Each article includes the author's byline, and a link to your website. Our goal is to create an environment that allows consumers and professional psychologists to link, benefiting both groups.

We assist psychologists in their efforts to provide high quality professional services by creating a resource clearinghouse to locate professional books, testing supplies, practice management tools and services, computer software, graduate and continuing education programs, and job openings in a variety of professional work settings.

Finally, we offer Internet Consulting Services for psychologists and other professionals, including website design and development, website hosting and maintenance services, and Internet Marketing services. We believe we are the only web development company specializing in Internet Consulting services for professional practices. We know what is involved in running a professional practice, and we know how to market professional services via the Internet. These services are provided through Internet Practice Solutions.

Information and Services for Psychologists


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