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Title: Introduction to Forensic Psychology: Issues and Controversies in Crime and Justice
Author: Bruce A. Arrigo, California School of Professional Psychology, Fresno CA
Cover: CaseBound
Published: January 2000
ISBN: 0120643502
US Price: $59.95

Academic Press
525 B Street, Suite 1900
San Diego, CA 92101-4495
Tel: 619-231-0926
Customer Ecare: 888-677-7357

Introduction to Forensic Psychology is an original approach to understanding how psychologists impact the research, practice, and policy of crime, law, and justice. Written specifically for students, lay professionals, and practitioners, the text systematically examines police, court, and correctional aspects of forensic psychology. By further sub-dividing the text into the adult, juvenile, family, and civil components of forensic psychology, the interdependence and overlap among these dimensions and the three broad thematic areas themselves are brought into sharp, clear, and compelling focus. Contained within each of the twelve substantive chapters are a series of timely issues or controversies that provocatively capture just how significant the relationships are. Selected topics include incarceration of the mentally ill, the police as mediators in prison, competency to stand trial, treatment refusal rights, police stress and suicide, and sex offender treatment.

This book is a cross-disciplinary text relevant to the fields of psychology, law, criminal justice, social work, and public policy.

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