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Psychology Information Online provides resources and references for students at both the graduate and undergraduate level.  This includes information about many psychological topics that can assist you in beginning research for class projects and papers, information about careers in psychology and mental health, and information about graduate training programs, internships, and fellowships. And, we provide information about jobs, not just in the field of psychology, but in related fields as well, including social work, counseling, rehabiliation, alcohol and substance abuse, school counseling, and other related areas. We also offer book reviews for both self-help and professional books, and links to help you purchase books and tapes related to psychology and mental health.

You can use the Navigation bar to choose from these topics which are described below: 

  • Student Info - Homepage for the Student section of Psychology Information Online
  • PsychologyInfo - Homepage for Psychology Information Online
  • A Psychologist is - Describes the work of a professional psychologist
  • Problem List - Basic information about a broad range of psychologial problems
  • Treatment List - Description of psychological treatment modalities
  • Forensic Issues - Information about Forensic Psychology
  • Careers - Basic career information for students interested in psychology and mental health careers.
  • License Info - Information about licensing requirements for professional psychologists
  • Grad Education - Information on graduate training programs in psychology, mental health and related areas.
  • Continuing Ed - CE programs in psychology and mental health, appropriate for professionals and graduate students.
  • Jobs-Internships - Location of internships and fellowships in psychology with additional information as it becomes available
  • Jobs - Jobs in psychology, human services, and mental health fields
  • Articles - Original articles written by professionals in psychology and related fields.
  • Bookstore - Information about psychological self-help books and links to purchase these books. Most are consumer oriented, but some provide basic information useful for students as well.
  • Resources-Books - Descriptions of professional resource books in psychology. These books are well-written professional books in various psychology topic areas.
  • Resources - Books, software, testing information and supplies and practice management information for psychologists.
  • FAQs - Frequently asked questions about psychology and psychological practice.
  • Directory - The National Directory of Psychologists, which lists psychologists across the United States, sorted by state, town, and specialty (coming soon). Includes contact information for all State Psychology Licensing Boards and State Psychological Associations. Psychologists can learn how to be listed.
  • Subject Index - Alphabetical subject index of all topics on Psychology Information Online
  • Navigation - Basic assistance to locate content on Psychology Information Online

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