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Careers - Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Industrial-organizational (I/O) psychologists apply psychological principles and research methods to the workplace in the interest of improving productivity and the quality of worklife. They also are involved in research related to management and marketing problems. These psychologists conduct applicant screening, provide training and development, counseling, and engage in organizational development and analysis. An industrial psychologist might work with management to reorganize the work setting to improve productivity or the quality of life in the workplace. They frequently act as consultants, brought in by management in order to solve a particular problem.

I/O psychologists may work within the management structure of large corporations, may be employed by the government, or may work as independent consultants. They may be responsible for the development of job candidate selection programs which meet government requirements related to culturally fair and merit-based selection. They may be required to assess company training programs for effectiveness, or to develop specific training to meet certain goals, such as procedures for dealing with harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Some I/O psychologists focus on improving the work environment for maximum efficiency, employee satisfaction, inter-departmental cooperation, or consumer response. This may include conflict resolution work within an organization.

I/O psychologists often do not have job titles reflecting their psychological training. Instead, they are likely to be managers within Human Resources, Staff or Organizational Development, Personnel, Regulatory Compliance, or a similar department.

I/O psychologists typically receive training at the Master's or Doctoral level in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Human Resources, Applied Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Industrial Relations, or Organizational Development. The programs may be located in graduate psychology departments, business schools, or other management training programs.

For more information, see the website for The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, or the American Psychological Association website.


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