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Psychotherapy and Counseling
by Donald J. Franklin, Ph.D.

Bridgewater, NJ and Flemington, NJ
(Donald J. Franklin, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist.
Contact Information is available at the end of this article.)

Psychotherapy is a process by which you examine your thoughts, feelings, actions and relationships.  With the assistance of a skilled professional, evaluate where problems exist, or where changes are likely to improve your life satisfaction and overall psychological adjustment. You can then learn how to make the changes that are necessary to achieve better life adjustment and satisfaction.

The terms counseling and psychotherapy are interchangeable because they describe the same process, and have similar goals. Counseling has its roots in personal development and life adjustment theory, while psychotherapy has its roots in a more medically oriented model of treating a mental disease process. Health insurance companies use a medical disease model, so insurance reimbursement is for "psychotherapy" not "counseling." The distinction is unimportant in applying the process to life management problems, although sometimes lesser trained counselors will use the term counseling to avoid being accused of providing treatment services they are not qualified to provide.

Psychotherapy involves:

  • Guided self-assessment to identify life adjustment problems, personal conflicts, relationship issues, behavioral problems, family conflicts, self-identity issues, emotional problems, and/or life stage development issues that are interfering with overall life adjustment, emotional well-being, and life satisfaction
  • Exploration and identification of the origins of these problems, conflicts and/or issues, both psychologically and factually
  • Development of a plan for change to resolve these problems and/or issues, including both personal psychological changes, and situational life changes 
  • Assistance in making the necessary personal and life changes, through coaching, psychological education, ongoing behavioral and emotional analysis and feedback, emotional support, behavioral and cognitive training, and assistance in reformulating life goals and plans to achieve those goals.    

Psychotherapy appointments are usually scheduled once per week. This allows for steady progress toward resolving the presenting problem, and allows enough time between sessions for you to work on issues discussed in the session. Occasionally, if a life crisis occurs, or if depression or anxiety are particularly severe, sessions may be scheduled more frequently. Once therapy progress is being made, some psychologists will schedule sessions less than once per week, if they feel that progress will not be hampered by the change in schedule.

Psychotherapy may be helpful to you when:

  • You feel overwhelmed by life problems
  • Depression, anxiety or anger are taking over your life
  • You don't know how to manage a major life decision
  • You are having trouble with a major relationship
  • You are having difficulty coping with a serious illness in yourself, or in a family member or friend
  • Your job is too stressful and you can't handle it anymore
  • You don't know what to do, or where to turn for help

Contact Information:

Donald J. Franklin, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist in New Jersey with offices in Bridgewater, NJ and Flemington, NJ.

For more information, you may contact him at:

Donald J. Franklin, Ph.D.
9 Main Street
Flemington, NJ 08822
(908) 806-7344

Donald J. Franklin, Ph.D.
250 Route 28, PO Box 6278
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
(908) 526-8111

Dr. Franklin also maintains a website with additional practice information. 
You may link directly to his website at

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