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The Seasons of a Man's Life
by Daniel J. Levinson. Paperback Reissue edition (June 1986)
Dr. Levinson believes that successful adjustment requires mastering developmental tasks at each stage of life, through adulthood.  The book focuses on men, and is the result of extensive interviews conducted with men at various life stages.  Midlife crisis is only one of the stages described in the book. Well worth reading to gain a better understanding of life stages and development.

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Necessary Losses : The Loves, Illusions, Dependencies, and Impossible Expectations That All of Us Have to Give Up in Order to Grow
by Judith Viorst (Introduction). Paperback - 447 pages Reprint edition (January 1998)
The author includes many life experiences as losses, including death of a loved one, being rejected or left behind, the loss of our youth, etc. This is a well written and valuable self-help book that deals with human development through the life cycle.

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by Gail Sheehy.  Paperback Reissue edition (August 1, 1984) 
This well known book is about the stages of adult life, with an emphasis on midlife and the major transition it involves.  While many mental health professionals feel that this book too strongly suggests that midlife is a crisis, it still presents valuable information about entering midlife, and is a useful self-help book.

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