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The Psychology Information Online Bookstore has reviewed the following books on Assertiveness. You can purchase any of these books, through our association with Prices are omitted because they are set by Click on a book title to check the price and sales discount, or to order the book. If you don't find a specific book that you want, click on the Amazon icon to search their website.

Your Perfect Right : A Guide to Assertive Living
by Robert E. Alberti, Michael L. Emmons. Paperback - 256 pages 25th anniv edition (October 1995)
This was one of the first, and one of the best, self-help books on assertiveness. Easy to read and to understand, the book focuses on communication as the key to assertiveness. There are sections for the general public, and other sections written for professionals. If you need help in becoming more assertive, this book is a great place to start. Well recommended by mental health professionals.

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When I Say No I Feel Guilty
by Manuel J. Smith (Preface).  Paperback - 324 pages Reissue edition (February 1, 1975)
Well regarded by many mental health professionals, this book focuses on the problem of being talked into doing something you don't want to do.  It helps you larn how to respond assertively to supervisors, how to work out compromises, and how to be more sexually assertive. Throughout the book, he demonstrates basic assertiveness skills.

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