105. What are the advantages of a managed care plan?

  • Sometimes there is no deductible.
  • Your co-pay may be less than POS coverage.
  • A provider is chosen for you (if you consider this an advantage).

Some managed care plans have deductibles, but many do not. Even if there is a deductible, it is usually less than the out of network deductible.  The co-pay, or the portion of the bill you must pay, is usually a small amount, as compared to traditional plans. Some managed care plans have no co-pay, others have $10 co-pays. However, some managed careplans have as much as a 30 percent co-pay, which is comparale with traditional plans.

With managed care, you are provided with a short list of professionals in your area to call for service. This can make it easier to choose a provider, although you may not like any of the choices available.

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