Psychology Info is a community of Mental Health Researchers, Teachers, and Clinical Treatment Professionals interested in sharing information about mental health problems, issues, and treatment, as well as providing information about mental health, counseling and addiction treatment resources. Our Feature Articles and Blogs are written by Mental Health Researchers, Professors and Instructors from Accredited Academic Colleges and Universities, clinicians practicing in Mental Health Treatment Programs and clinics, and Independent Licensed Mental Health Professionals. We also have information available from the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the National Institute of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Psychology Info is intended to be helpful to the general public, students, mental health researchers, governmental agencies developing mental health policy, and practicing mental health professionals.

Psychology Info has three main sections: The Professional Mental Health Directory, the Mental Health Blogs, and Feature Articles. The Professional Mental Health Directory lists all members, including researchers, academic members, and clinical practice mental health professionals. Some research and academic members provide clinical services, and some clinical members engage in research. The Mental Health Blogs are divided into many topic areas. The Mental Health Blog page includes a list of all current blogs and a link to every blog. New blogs are added according to interest expressed by our members. All members can contribute to any blog that matches their research or clinical interests. Feature Articles can address any topic in mental health. They are longer articles, as compared to blog posts, and often have reference lists like Journal articles. Some Feature Articles may be opinion pieces, discuss trends in mental health, service delivery gaps, new research or novel treatment proposals. 

If you are a mental health researcher, a clinical instructor, a mental health professional working in an academic, hospital or clinic setting, or a licensed mental health professional in independent practice, we invite you to join our interdisciplinary mental health community. We welcome your experience and your expertise. If you are seeking information about mental health issues or mental health treatment, we invite you to explore Psychology Info, and hope you find information that helps you in your quest.

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