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Psychology Information Online hosts an online bookstore that reviews both professional psychology practice books and self-help books. You may review either a self-help book, or a professional book.

Please note that all reviews on Psychology Information Online must be compiled by mental health professionals.  To simplify the review process, follow these five steps to submit a review.

Book Reviews:

  1. Provide your name, professional degree and profession, and current institutional affiliation, and your state. (If you are in private practice, that is your current institutional affiliation.)
  2. Indicate whether you wish your name listed in the review. If you wish the review to be anonymous, the review will state:  "A psychologist (or social worker, mental health professional etc.) in (your state or country) wrote:" Followed by the review.
  3. Tell us if you want your e-mail address listed in the review.  (This may lead individuals interested in the topic to send you an e-mail for more information, but we make no claims regarding any response you might receive.) This is an option.
  4. List the Name of the book, author, publisher, and year of publication.
  5. Write the review. Please limit the review to about 100 words or less. You may review either a self-help book or a professional psychology book, but indicate if the book is geared to professionals or the general public. Do not review any books that you have written.

For the review to be published, the following release must be included:

  1. I understand that this review will be published on the Internet, as part of Psychology Information Online. 
  2. I grant permission to Psychology Information Online, and Donald J. Franklin, Ph.D., to publish this review, without any expectation of compensation or acknowledgment, beyond listing my name as the writer of the review. 
  3. If I indicate that I do not wish my name listed, I understand that I will receive no acknowledgment as the author.
  4. I understand that publication of the review is entirely at the discretion of Psychology Information Online, and that the review may be shortened or otherwise edited as space dictates. 
  5. I will be notified by e-mail only if my review is published.

If you have any additional questions about writing a book review, please contact Dr. Franklin at

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