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What is the Psychology Information Online Advantage?

We can help you organize the material for each web page, design the background, layout and highlighting elements, and scan pictures for your site. We will put all this together for you, including html code and image creation and optimization, so you don't have to become a computer expert. We understand the practice of psychology, and what you need to do to market your practice. We also charge less than most computer consultants. 

We also have an extensive online library of psychology information that can be used on your practice website, and you can publish professional and consumer articles on Psychology Information Online, with a link to your website, to bring traffic to your website. Finally, we give you a free listing in the National Directory of Psychologists, with a link to your website. This can help increase your online visibility and help facilitate networking with other professionals. 

Use Our Psychology Content on Your Website

These topics are on Psychology Information Online. You can license any of these topics, in whole or in part, to expand the information available on your website, rather than writing all of your website content yourself. If you see any information on Psychology Information Online thast you would like to excerpt for your website, let us know and we will quote a price for licensing the material.

Here are some of the topics that you may be interested in using:

  • Comparison of Psychologists and Psychiatrists
  • How to Select a Psychologist
  • What is a Psychologist?
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Psychological Treatment
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Psychological Problems
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance and Managed Care
  • Information about a variety of psychological services and problems
  • Information about Forensic Psychology

Publishing Articles on Psychology Information  Online

Psychologists and other mental health professionals can publish professional and consumer articles about psychological problems and services in the main section of Psychology Information Online, with a byline and a link directly to your website. This allows you to take advantage of the popularity of Psychology Information Online, to bring our visitors to your practice website.

Follow this link for more information about publishing articles online

The National Directory of Psychologists

All licensed psychologists can receive a free listing in the National Directory of Psychologists. The Directory is organized by state, and then by towns within each state. All State Psychological Associations and State Psychology Licensing Boards are also listed in the Directory. Individual psychologist listings include your name, office address, telephone and fax numbers, information about your practice, and a link directly to your website. Eventually, the Directory will list psychologists by specialty area within each state as well.

Follow this link for information on listing your practice online.


Website Development Services

These links will lead you to information about developing a practice website, and how to use the Internet to tell people about your practice:


If you are interested in our website development services, please contact me to arrange a free telephone appointment to discuss your website and to answer any questions you might have about how to proceed.

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