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Developing a web site requires three separate steps. First, you must develop the content for your website, and determine how to inter-connect all of the information in a logical and user-friendly layout. Second, you need to choose a page layout design, to determine the look and feel of the website. Finally, you need to create the web pages, including both HTML code and image files.

Each webpage consists of a primary html file, and separate image files for every picture and graphical image on the page. There may also be Javascript code to create certain effects, cascading style sheets or xml to determine design or data flow, and other code to handle special functions, such as forms.

Graphical images can be shared by more than one webpage, but every webpage has a distinct primary file. This group of  primary webpage files are connected together through hyperlinks, using HTML, to present the information on your website in an organized manner.  All of these web page files, Javascript and other code files, and image files comprise your website.

Once your site is created, it has to be placed on an Internet server to be accessed by people surfing or browsing the web. This is called a host server. Technically, the sum of all of the host servers, all around the world, make up the world wide web. All websites are hosted by a host server. The host server does not have to be close to your home or business, or even in the same state or country. 

Psychology Information Online, through Internet Practice Solutions,  can take care of the design and technical aspects of your website, and host the site on the Internet. That means you can concentrate on developing the content for your website.

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