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The National Directory of Psychologists is a central place on the Internet that lists licensed psychologists throughout the United States. Anyone seeking to locate a licensed psychologist can consult the Directory, and obtain identifying information, contact information, an e-mail link, and a link to the website of the psychologist, if one is available. The Directory also contains contact information for all State Psychological Associations and all State Psychology Licensing Boards in the United States. 

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Listing In the National Directory of Psychologists

All licensed psychologists can be listed free of charge in the Directory.  This is not a referral service, and no claims are made regarding anyone listed.  All psychologists requesting to be listed stipulate that they are licensed in the state where listed. However, the National Directory of Psychologists, and Psychology Information Online, cannot guarantee that every psychologist listed is licensed, or that their license is valid at present. Consumers should request validation of a license to practice psychology when they contact a psychologist from the Directory. The State Licensing Boards, also listed in the Directory, can also validate the license status of anyone listed. 

How to Request a Listing

All licensed psychologists are eligible for a free listing in the National Directory of Psychologists. Follow this link to list your practice:

List your practice

Benefits of Listing in the National Directory of Psychologists:

  • Contact information for other psychologists seeking to make an interstate referral
  • Assist current clients in locating your website
  • Increase opportunities for networking with other psychologists
  • Assist potential clients in locating your website
  • Free Newsletter with Directory traffic statistics and changes, practice marketing hints, and updates on Psychology Information Online

Go to The National Directory of Psychologists

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