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Everything you ever wanted to know about hosting

What is hosting?

The host computer is the term used to designate the computer server where your website resides. When someone stays at your home for the holidays, you are the host (or hostess).  In order for anyone to be able to visit your website, it must be hosted (reside) on a computer server that is part of the Internet and configured to exchange information with client computers visiting your website.  Every host server on the Internet has a unique address that is registered with the Internic.  Likewise, every domain name on the Internet has an address, indicating the server where the domain resides.  When you type in a request to go to a specific domain (URL) on the Internet, your ISP's computer looks up the address listed with the Internic, and takes you to that computer.

Your computer is not part of the Internet, even when you are online. In order to be part of the Internet, your computer would need a static IP address, and software designed to exchange information with visitors, so that your computer would function as a server.  You would need communications equipment designed to exchange information, and a 24 hour Internet connection. It is much simpler and less expensive to allow a commercial server to host our website. Your website is given an IP address on that computer, and someone else takes care of all the technical stuff.

Internet Practice Solutions develops and maintains websites, and also provides hosting services at very reasonable rates. Visit our website for more information

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