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The Online Article Publication Process and Publication Costs

An online article is most effective for practice marketing when it remains online long enough for search engines to index the page and rank the page high enough for it to appear in the first page of search results for various keywords related to the article topic. Let’s try to explain this in plain language. You write and publish an article on a practice topic. Search engines continually explore the Internet and index web pages according to keywords. Larger and busier websites are visited more often by search engines, and usually receive higher rankings for their content.  As a result, your online article is more likely to receive higher ranking by search engines if it is online longer (to be indexed more frequently and potentially linked from more other websites), located on a larger website with more web traffic, and is relevant to specific keywords. Just as placing one ad for one day in a local newspaper does not produce results comparable to placing the same ad daily for several months, longevity online leads to higher ranking by search engines.

The cost of placing an article online are related to two factors, the work required to format the article and optimize it for search engines, and the regular and ongoing cost of hosting the page online. You are more likely to benefit from online publications, if you maintain an article online for a longer time, and our average costs for producing and maintaining the article online are reduced, as the article is online for a longer time period. However, most mental health professionals do not want to be locked into a long term hosting contract for their articles. We want to create a balance between offering a very low cost online publication option, and covering the cost of the time and effort required to create an online publication.

Our solution is to offer very low cost monthly hosting options. We charge only $15 per month to host your online article, and we will create links from any topic on Psychology Information Online that relates to your article topic. (Example: an article on treating adolescent depression may be linked from depression, child and family, family therapy, and cognitive therapy – depending on the content of the article. We ask you to suggest relevant topics to link to your articles, and allow you to suggest relevant keywords for your articles.) We also list all articles published by mental health professionals in each state, under the state directory, and list your articles in your directory listings. We cover our initial overhead for formatting and publishing the article by charging a setup fee ($75.00), but we do not charge this fee unless you cancel your online publication prior to six months of hosting. If you do the math, six months of hosting costs you $90.00, and you have no setup fees. If you change your mind about the article, you can discontinue online hosting at any time, but if it is less than six months, you will have to pay the setup fee. This is also designed to cover our overhead if anyone decides to rotate articles every three or four months. If you want to publish many articles, we recommend that you subscribe to one of our specialty blogs, instead of publishing static articles. On a blog, you can publish as many articles as you like, even several per day, for one monthly charge ($25.00). (Click here to compare article publishing and blog posting options).

On the other hand, if you want to revise your online article after a few months, we will work with you and offer a modest quote to do the revision. Again, online articles perform better if the topic and title remain constant over time so that the search engines can index and rank the articles, and other websites can create links to the articles. You should consider this a long-term marketing plan, not a monthly ad for a specific service. 

In addition to Psychology Information Online, we also publish Mental Health USA When you publish an article on Psychology Information Online, you can also publish the same article on our affiliate website. We charge an additional $5.00 per month to host the article on both websites. No additional setup fees are charged, if the articles are posted online at the same time.

Your article will contain your byline and copyright, as well as your contact information, a brief statement about your practice (including location and telephone), and a link to your website from the article. If you do not have a website, we will link the article to your practice listing in the National Directory of Psychologists. (Click here to see an example of an online article).

Complete information about publishing articles: