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This is one of the few locations on the Internet where vendors who specialize in the distribution of books, software, testing materials, therapy supplies and other practice management supplies for psychologists can describe their products and provide a link to their company website. Companies who provide practice management services for healthcare professionals (such as Billing and Transcription Services) can also advertise their services here. This benefits both psychologists and vendors.

Benefits to Psychologists

One central location on the Internet can connect you to the major vendors who distribute the specialized materials used in a professional psychology practice. You can learn about new books and software as soon as they are released, and will no longer need to save every brochure and catalog you receive in your office, on the chance that you might need the resource some day in the future. By providing a central Internet clearinghouse, we allow you to comparison shop for the best selection and prices for the materials you need for your practice.

Benefits to Advertisers

For vendors, test distributors, book publishers, practice management service providers, and other suppliers, advertising here is a cost effective way to inform psychologists and psychology students about products and services designed for a professional psychology practice.  It is the easiest way to link professional psychologists to your company website. By featuring your products, services and books on Psychology Information Online, you can reach a broader professional market than is possible through any other form of advertising.  In the future, you may even be able to eliminate mass mailings of catalogs to professional psychologists across the United States.

Psychology Information Online is a high volume website offering quality information for psychologists and consumers. We offer free services to professional psychologists to encourage their visits, and have received high placement on many prominent search engines. We do not use banner ads, but instead place information links to our Professional Resource Directory on virtually every page of the website, making it easy for psychologists to locate the Professional Resource Directory, and to locate information about your product or service.

We offer two types of listings in the Professional Resource Directory. A Standard Listing allows ample room to describe your product or service, and link to your company website, where you can provide more detailed information. An Expanded Listing is perfect for companies without a website, as it allows you to describe your product or service on one page, and provide product ordering information on a second page.

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Professional Resource Directory.

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