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Sunday, May 19, 2024

About is a professional membership community for mental health professionals.

Membership is open to:

  • Licensed mental health professionals
  • Academic and research mental health experts
  • Researchers in allied fields that address mental health issues
  • Graduate level clinicians and researchers in hospitals, mental health clinics, government institutions and other exempt settings.

The website has Feature articles on mental health topics, as well as 20 blogs, each focusing on a different mental health topic or issue. Feature articles are longer and present more detailed information about a topic, whereas blog posts are shorter, more focused, and often relate specifically to the expertise of the author.  Members can also blog about upcoming and recent conferences and workshops, their publications in professional journals, or talk about their approach to specific mental health issues. In addition, the website includes reprinted information from government agencies, such as the National Institute of Mental Health, that contains useful information for both professionals and the public.

All articles and blog posts are authored by PsychologyInfo members, except for the reprinted public health information. All articles and posts are linked to the author’s profile in the Member Directory and all member profiles are linked to their articles and posts. Members who are supervising graduate students and/or junior researchers can publish articles with their supervisees.

The PsychologyInfo Member Directory, mental health blogs and feature articles are all visible to the public. Members also have access to additional benefits. Members can identify other members with similar clinical or research interests for clinical consultation, or collaboration on research projects, presentations, and publications. Members can develop one-to-one professional connections with other members, or form/join discussion groups and forums on specific mental health topics. The discussion groups can be geared to research topics or clinical issues.