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Monday, May 20, 2024

Membership Requirements

PsychologyInfo provides a platform for clinical, academic and research mental health professionals to describe their professional background and to demonstrate their expertise to the public. Members can also interact with other members for consultation, discussion of mental health topics, and collaboration in a social network of professionals linked by a common interest and expertise in mental health. Only qualified professionals can become members of PsychologyInfo, and only members and invited guests can publish on PsychologyInfo.

Membership is open to licensed mental health professionals, academic and research professionals in mental health or related disciplines, graduate level mental health professionals working in hospitals, public institutions and other clinical settings, and other graduate level experts in mental health related fields. Membership costs $15.00 per month.

Become a Member

PsychologyInfo members can share their knowledge and expertise with the public and licensed mental health professionals can demonstrate their expertise through their publications. All members can develop connections with other professionals committed to the advancement of mental health treatment and research. Membership helps you to bridge the gap between mental health practice and mental health research.