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Inclusion of any person in the PsychologyInfo Member Directory should not be interpreted as an endorsement by PsychologyInfo and/or USA Health Info, LLC. In no event shall PsychologyInfo and/or USA Health Info, LLC be liable for damages to any user of this website for the voluntary selection of a mental health professional, for the services provided by any mental health professional listed in the directory, or for any other damages associated with the use of this website. Please note that your choice of a mental health professional is entirely yours and you have many other choices outside of the mental health professionals listed in the PsychologyInfo Mental Health Directory who are qualified to address your mental health service needs.

Not all members of the PsychologyInfo Member Directory are licensed to provide mental health services in independent practice, or in any mental health service area. Some members are teachers, researchers, and experts in a related area of study, and have no training in the provision of mental health services. You have a responsibility to yourself, as a consumer, to confirm the credentials and training of any professional and to determine for yourself whether a particular individual possesses the knowledge, skill, experience, and credentials to provide the services you need. Every state in the United States has a licensing authority that oversees, licenses and, when necessary, disciplines professionals who provide mental health services. These licensing boards update information on a regular basis and should be consulted prior to beginning mental health treatment with any individual, agency, or institution. PsychologyInfo and/or USA Health Info, LLC also does not provide any endorsement of any professional listed who resides or provides services outside of the United States.

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